Visualizing Spatial Genomics for Biology and Translational Medicine

Caltech Cai Lab Computer Science, 2022–23

Liaison(s): Jonathan White, Henry Amrhein
Advisor(s): Katherine Breeden
Students(s): Toby Frank (PM-S), Cade Kritsch (PM-F), Trenton Wesley, Xoaquin Baca, Kamarion Porter

Caltech’s Cai Lab is pioneering the field of spatial genomics, which uses novel probe-based assays to obtain high-resolution, location-specific gene expression data within tissue samples. However, these data are multidimensional and difficult to visualize. We improved upon the 2021–2022 Clinic team’s efforts to develop an efficient data storage, access and visualization pipeline for the lab’s spatial genomic data. In particular, we have prioritized efficient data storage and access and worked with Cai Lab scientists to build interactive visualization tools to drive scientific discovery.