Next-generation Retail Experiences for Bridging In-person and Online Commerce

Shopify Inc. Computer Science, 2022–23

Liaison(s): Kathi Taylor, Joe Doyle, Chris Landry, Angela Chen CMC ’21, Frank Liu ’14
Advisor(s): George Montañez
Students(s): Olina Wong (PM-S), Alekz Grijalva-Moreno (PM-F), Roman Herrera, Angie Gagnon, Lucas Ewing, Henry Sojico

Shopify’s primary product is an e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. In order to adapt to the recent increase in desire for in-person shopping experiences, the team explored various ideas for a next-generation retail experience that can bridge in-person and online shopping. The team focused on researching many concepts but honed in on building an application that facilitates in-store try-ons of items curated online, with the ability to be extended to in-store kiosks.