Approved Applicants

Congratulations! Now that you’ve been approved by both the College and the program sponsor, you’re ready to begin the next step of your study abroad journey.

The following items are a crucial part of the process and must be completed before you leave to go abroad.

Your approval to study abroad is contingent upon your file being complete prior to departure. Complete the following forms and submit them to the Office of Study Abroad (OSA).

Program Provider Acceptance Letter

Upon receipt, submit a copy of your program acceptance letter to the OSA.

Harvey Mudd Program Acceptance Letter

The Harvey Mudd College Program Acceptance Letter (PDF), along with your acceptance letter, authorizes the Office of Student Accounts to pay your initial deposit to the program sponsor. This deposit holds your spot in the program.

Assumption of Risk, Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement

This form is a legal document for students participating in programs sponsored by other universities or organizations.

Supplemental Travel Waiver

The Department of State (DOS) has issued new travel guidelines as of January 2018. Because safety is our top concern, all HMC study abroad students are required to conduct additional research on their country of choice and complete a travel waiver. Note that HMC has updated its international travel policy restricting travel to countries, and areas in countries, that are designated as Level 4. Countries, and areas in countries, that are designated as Level 3 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Course Approval Form

All Majors

Engineering Majors Only

The Department of Engineering requires engineering majors to complete a petition outlining the engineering courses you plan to take while abroad. These courses must receive an initial approval from your major advisor, who in turn submits your petition to the engineering committee for final approval. Students should start this process immediately after approval of the Harvey Mudd application.

Study Abroad Checklist

Each department listed on this checklist must provide signature approval for your semester abroad. For approval from the Office of Student Accounts:

  1. Your room deposit for your return semester must be received.
  2. Your student account must be current and paid in full.

Disability Resources While Abroad

In many countries in which we approve study abroad programs,  possibilities for reasonably accommodating students with certain physical, medical, psychological, or learning disabilities may be limited. The ability of HMC, the host institution or the program sponsor to offer reasonable accommodations during study abroad will vary from program to program and is addressed on a case by case basis.  Disclosing any special needs currently received at HMC allows the OSA and program sponsors to prepare the proper support for the student while abroad.  For more information about Disability Resources at HMC, visit our Disability Resources page.

Harvey Mudd College Health Screening

All study abroad students must have a health screening prior to going abroad. This can be done at the Claremont Colleges health center or by your family physician. This screening should be done no more than six months before your departure and should be performed by a non-family physician.

Insurance Authorization Form

All Harvey Mudd study abroad students are required to have comprehensive medical insurance. Students should contact their insurance provider to inquire whether their policy will provide comprehensive coverage while abroad.

Students participating in Harvey Mudd approved and non-approved programs will receive supplemental medical insurance from the OSA through iNext or a similar provider. Please note that the insurance included through iNext is supplemental only and may not meet the required amounts of medical and accident coverage equal to or better than The Claremont Colleges Student Accident and Sickness Medical Expense Insurance Plan.

While the amounts of coverage in The Claremont Colleges’ plan are used as a guideline to ensure students have coverage equal to or better than the coverage they would have at Harvey Mudd, please note that The Claremont Colleges Student Accident and Sickness Medical Expense Insurance Plan is not specifically designed for study abroad students. Students may find that, while they are abroad, another policy designed for study abroad students will more adequately meet their needs.

Program Sponsor-Provided Insurance: Is It Sufficient?

Your study abroad program may include a mandatory health insurance plan in the program fee. If insurance is included with your program, please contact your program sponsor directly to find out more information about the specific plan in order to determine whether the coverage is sufficient for your individual needs. Keep in mind that the policy may be restricted to the dates of your academic program. Remember to inquire about this if you plan to travel prior to or following your program.

If you choose to maintain insurance coverage provided by your program sponsor as your only health coverage during your semester abroad, please provide the full details on the Insurance Authorization Form (MS Word). If you plan to maintain your own health insurance in addition to the coverage included with your program, please provide the full details of your own coverage on the Insurance Authorization Form.

If You Need Health Insurance

The OSA maintains brochures on insurance plans designed for study abroad students in its Resource Library. Stop by the office or visit the Resources page for more information.

Contact Information and Emergency Card

These forms allow you to indicate where mailings should be sent and the person(s) you’d like contacted in an emergency.

Passport Copy

In some countries it’s sufficient to have a passport copy with you while you’re out and about instead of carrying your actual passport (Check the guidelines for your host country). Before you leave make several copies and give one to the OSA, leave one copy with your parents, and keep one copy with you while abroad.

Pre-Departure Orientation Sessions

Each student must attend a mandatory pre-departure session. For those planning to study abroad in the fall semester, sessions typically take place in March or April; for the spring semester, sessions usually take place in October or November. The Office of Study abroad will notify you of the exact dates and times.

Information covered in the pre-departure orientation is contained in the Harvey Mudd College Study Abroad Pre-departure Orientation Handbook (MS Word).