Choosing a Program

A number of factors must be taken into account when deciding whether studying abroad is right for you:

Your Goals

Review your personal and professional goals. Why do I want to study abroad? What do I want to obtain from the experience? Am I comfortable traveling to a strange country by myself? Do I want to take courses not offered at home, or learn from a renowned professor at an institution abroad? Do I want the opportunity to see how my major fits in the global world?

Your Countries and Programs

Identify possible countries/programs. You may choose from a list of approved programs or decide that you’d like to venture out to a new place altogether.

Worldwide Regions

Consider the regions: Would you prefer a developed/developing country? English/non-English speaking country? Urban or rural area? Warmer or cooler climate? Specific foods? Large or small university campus?

Program Type

Consider the type of program. Some programs offer more opportunities for cultural immersion than do others. Additionally, some programs may require foreign language skills. Consider your options carefully.