Getting Started

Attend an information session: Study abroad information sessions are held during the first few weeks of each semester. Look for the email from the Office of Study Abroad to reserve a spot.

Meet with study abroad advisor: Harvey Mudd students study abroad during their junior year. As you partner with your study abroad advisor, you will identify program options that best meet your needs.

Meet with study abroad academic advisor: With appropriate planning, courses abroad can be easily integrated with departmental coursework. Transfer credit can be awarded, and study abroad students graduate with their peers in four years. See Study Abroad by Major.

Submit intent to study abroad form: So you’ve selected your program! This form should be submitted the semester before you plan to submit your Harvey Mudd study abroad application.

Submit Harvey Mudd College application: Due the semester before you plan to study abroad; application deadlines are as follows:

  • Fall study abroad: Feb. 15
  • Spring study abroad: Sept. 25

Once the Study Abroad Committee (SAC) approves your Harvey Mudd College application, you are eligible to apply for the program. Make sure to pay attention to the program application deadline.