According to the HMC Catalogue, you must earn at least 12 units of credit for each semester you spend studying abroad. Occasionally, the Registrar will award additional credit if the program involves more than four courses, or if a course has associated laboratory work. You will need to meet with the department chair of each of the departments from which you will be seeking transfer credit from courses taken abroad. Detailed course descriptions, which are generally available from the program’s website or from the professors abroad, assist HMC professors with determining the appropriateness of the course.

Note: Credit toward graduation will be awarded only if you participate in a program of study officially approved by the Harvey Mudd College Study Abroad Committee.

Students interested in studying abroad must submit a completed application by the specified deadline. Acceptance to most programs is a two-step process, first requiring approval from the HMC Study Abroad Committee. Upon approval, the student can then apply to the program sponsor or host institution.

HMC Application Process

  1. Meet with a study abroad advisor to discuss your study abroad interests/goals.
  2. Meet with your academic advisor to determine what courses you can take while abroad
  3. Complete the HMC application (Word Doc)
  4. Submit your application to the Office of Study Abroad

To be considered, applications must be submitted to the Study Abroad Office by Sept. 25 for study during the spring semester and by Feb. 15 for study during the fall semester.

Sponsor Program Application Process

Once approved by the HMC study abroad committee, you can now complete the program sponsor’s application, located on the program’s individual websites. Each program has an application deadline that differs from the HMC application deadline.

For full consideration, your program application must arrive on or before the program sponsor’s specific deadline. Though each provider’s requirements may differ, most will request items such as program application fee, proof of passport, individual passport photos and proof of health insurance, to name a few. Please check our Resources section for additional assistance.

Remember, you must be approved by the HMC Study Abroad Committee before you can apply to your program of choice. If you apply to the program sponsor without first obtaining approval form the HMC Study Abroad Committee, you will not be allowed to study abroad.