Middle East


Program SponsorUniversity of Haifa
Program NameUniversity of Haifa International School
Program TypeStand-alone and direct enrollment; participants take classes with local and international students
LocationLocated less than 60 miles north of Tel Aviv, Haifa is the largest city in northern Israel and the third-largest in the country.
Program Size80–125
LanguagesEnglish, Hebrew and Arabic
Fields of StudyHebrew and Arabic language and culture; Jewish studies; social sciences; Middle Eastern studies
AcademicsStudents take courses to equal 15–16 U.S. credits. Participants who are proficient in Hebrew may enroll in all courses taught in the various other departments at the university, provided they meet the prerequisites of the course. Engineering majors may take up to two English-taught courses at the nearby Technion Israel Institute of Technology. This will require 20–30 minutes of commute to and from the Technion.
Program Eligibility3.0 GPA
HousingStudents live in on-campus dorms.
TermsFall (late July to early Jan.); spring (mid Jan. to early June)
Did You KnowHaifa has a mixed population of Jewish (90 percent) and Arab (predominantly Christian) residents.


Program SponsorCouncil on the International Education Exchange (CIEE)
Program NameIstanbul Arts & Sciences
Program TypeDirect enrollment
LocationIstanbul, Turkey’s largest city with 14 million people, has undergone rapid social change over the past century and is now the cultural and economic capital of Turkey. The program is located 30 minutes outside of Istanbul at Koç University.
University Size15–35
LanguagesEnglish and Turkish
Fields of StudyFull curriculum, all STEM majors
AcademicsStudents take four to five courses to equal 15–18 U.S. credits. An introductory Turkish language course is required, and students may enroll in a variety of courses offered at the university.
Program Eligibility2.75 GPA
HousingStudents live in university residence halls with Turkish roommates or home stay families.
TermsFall (early Sept. to early Jan.); spring (mid Jan. to early June); Note: This is a spring term only program.
Did You KnowIstanbul serves the role of bridge between two continents: Europe and Asia.