HHMI Collaborative Research Grants in Computational Biology

The Harvey Mudd College grant from Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) provides resources to support collaborative research projects in computational biology. Harvey Mudd faculty are invited to apply for funding in accord with the following guidelines:

  1. The faculty investigators must include at least one person who is a member of the Harvey Mudd biology or computer science departments and at least one other person who is from:
    1. a different department or
    2. a different perspective within a discipline (e.g. a computational bioinformaticist and an experimental molecular biologist).
  2. The proposal should clearly describe the project’s relevance to computational biology and how each investigator will contribute to the project.
  3. The project should include the meaningful participation of undergraduate students, preferably in teams comprising students from different disciplines.
  4. The proposal should describe how the HHMI grant might lead to potential future extramural funding, and report progress if previously funded through this program.

Requests for funding should be submitted to Prof. Catherine McFadden, director of the HHMI program, at the start of the spring semester. Please follow these format guidelines:


In one concise paragraph, state the importance of the project, the originality of the approach and the expected outcome of the research project if successful.


The proposal should address (i) the objective(s), (ii) rationale, (iii) significance of the collaboration, and (iv) experimental aims. Please also include (vi) a budget and budget justification, and (vii) a two-page CV for each faculty collaborator. Items (i) to (iv) are limited to five pages of single-spaced text, including charts and illustrations.


The proposal may request funding for the following purposes: (i) support for one or more students for the 10-week summer research period, (ii) consumable supplies or small equipment items, (iii) a faculty stipend or discretionary fund. Student stipends are normally $4,000 plus $354 (8.85%) to cover FICA. Awards will not typically exceed $10,000. Please address each line-item of the budget in your budget justification.

This information may be revised. Interested parties are advised to contact Prof. McFadden before applying at mcfadden@hmc.edu or 909.607.4107.