Evacuation Plan and Map


Calmly and quietly walk to the nearest exit

Direct others to evacuate the area. Look for lighted exit signs.

Do not use elevators

Do not chance getting caught in an elevator should there be a power failure. If someone needs assistance with stairs, lead them to the stairs and seek help with assisting them down the stairs.

Alert College staff in safety vests (evacuation coordinators) of those trapped or in need of immediate assistance. See Evacuating People with Disabilties (PDF).

Follow the instructions of building monitors or other emergency personnel

Do not re-enter buildings that are being evacuated. Ask response personnel for assistance.

For additional information see Building Evacuation Procedures (PDF)

Evacuation Sites and Map

Refer to the evacuation map and table below to identify your assembly point(s).

Evacuation Sites

Building/Location Evacuation Assembly Site
F.W. Olin Science Center 1
Dartmouth North and South Classrooms 1
Parsons Engineering Building 2, 4b
Sprague Center 2
Galileo Hall 3, 4b
Jacobs Science Center and Keck Laboratories 1st and 2nd floor 3
Beckman Hall, W.M. Keck Laboratories (sub-basement) 1, 3
Joseph B. Platt Campus Center 4a
R. Michael Shanahan Center for Teaching and Learning 4a, 4b
Kingston Hall 5
South Hall/Marks Residence and North Hall 6
Hoch-Shanahan Dining Commons 5, 7
West Hall 7
Ronald and Maxine Linde Activities Center 8
Frederick and Susan Sontag Residence Hall 8
East Hall/Mildred E. Mudd Hall 9
Garret House 9
Ronald and Maxine Linde Residence Hall 10
J.L. Atwood Residence Hall 9, 11
Case Residence Hall 11