Safety Sign Resources

The purpose of the Safety Sign is to provide users who may access a particular space such as laboratory, clinic, research or other appropriate space with current information regarding the hazards associated with the work, equipment and processes taking place inside the space. The primary importance of the information collected for the safety sign is to help in preventing injury and ensure faculty, staff, students and visitors are advised of the possible dangers and hazards in certain situations within the space.

To help facilitate the crafting of the sign a HMC Safety Sign survey has been developed. It is anticipated the time needed to complete the survey is approximately 30 minutes. To fully complete the survey, you will need the following:

  • Primary and Alternate Contact Information
  • Safety Equipment Locations (e.g. first aid kit, fire extinguisher, SDS information, spill kit)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Requirements to Enter the Space
  • Bio Safety Level & Risk Group Info (if applicable)
  • National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) Rating (if known)
  • Hazard Communication Standard identifier (can be found on the Safety Data Sheet)
  • Identify Other Safety Consideration (e.g. laser, high voltage, strong magnetic fields, simple asphyxiants)
  • Radioactive Exposure Levels (if applicable)

If you have questions regarding how best to assess the hazards and information needed to complete the survey you may reach out to your department lab manager/technician or Annalee Sendis, Chemical Hygiene Officer. A sample of what the completed sign will look like is available within the survey.

After the completion of your survey, the information collected will be used to produce a printed Safety Sign for you to place on both the inside and outside of the door leading to your lab, clinic or research area. An electronic copy of the sign will also be sent to you for your records and convenience.

You can find the HMC Safety Sign survey via the following link which requires an HMC Google Account to access: Safety Sign Survey*

You can reach Theresa Lauer, Senior Director, Facilities, Emergency Preparedness and Safety for SOP support and assistance via email at or by phone at 909.607.2760.

You can reach Annalee Sendis, Chemical Hygiene Officer for SOP support and assistance via email at or by phone at 909.607.4217.

* requires HMC Google Account for access