Mudd Alert

The Harvey Mudd College mass notification system, Mudd Alert, provides rapid emergency notification to the Harvey Mudd community during crucial emergency situations, such as severe environmental conditions, acts of unexpected violence on campus or other circumstances that call for immediate notification or action.

During an emergency, Mudd Alert messages will contain real-time updates, important information or other instructions.

All campus telephone numbers and email addresses are connected to the Mudd Alert system. To receive a Mudd Alert message on a cell phone, sign up using the Mudd Alert Registration Form.

Although registering your mobile device to receive a text message is optional, it is highly recommended. Every community member is encouraged to add their cell phone to the system and to participate in regular Harvey Mudd emergency preparedness drills.

Please note that while Mudd Alert is free of charge, you may incur fees from your mobile phone carrier. Please check with your carrier for details on specific fees and charges that may apply to text messaging.

Contact Theresa Lauer at 909.621.8226 for more information on the Mudd Alert system.

Mudd Alert is operated by Everbridge.