Fall 2023: Welcome to a new school year!

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Welcome to our new students, and welcome back to our returning CS’ers.

The entire CS Department is excited to start this new year with you, and we look forward to meeting all our new students!

We’d like to start this year with some announcements for our CS Majors and aspiring CS’ers.

New CS Faculty

  • You may have already taken their courses, but previously they were visiting profs. We’re happy to announce that Prof. Arthi Padmanabhan and Prof. Calden Wloka are now Assistant Profs.
  • New to the HMC Community, Assistant Prof. Lynn Kirabo is a joint faculty member of the CS Department and the Hixon Center for Climate and the Environment. This Fall, she will be teaching an Intro course on Human-Computer Interaction.
  • We also have two new visiting profs, Prof. Carter Slocum and Prof. Gabe Hope, who teach Computer Graphics and Neural Networks, respectively.
  • And finally, joining us to help with clinic, we have Naim Matasci as an adjunct Prof.

CS Student Resources

Check out our Student Resources Page here, which you can find on the main CS website and clicking on the “Computer Science Menu.” For example, the CS Opps List is an opt-in email list that you might want to know about.

Please explore the student resources and contact Chelsey Calingo, ccalingo@g.hmc.edu with any general questions.

Student Resource Highlights

CS Opps List

Found under the CS Career and External Opportunities Page, is a link to the Google Group “CS Opportunities.”

We often send out CS-related opportunities that are solicited to us. They may range from volunteer opportunities, internships, workshops, job opportunities with the CS Department, etc.

CS Grutoring Program

To new students: You will hear much about grutoring from Prof. Dodds and Prof. Medero! Please read more about it here.

To our returning students: Please remember to view the Grutoring page for the application. We want to encourage students to view the page so that they have a place to refer to once the email gets buried in your inbox.

CS Welcome Back Event

Save the date! There will be a CS Welcome Back Event on August 31, 2023, in the McGregor Breezeway at 4:30 PM. Stay tuned for more information in another email.

CS Organization Opportunity: Ethics in AI and Diversity in CS General Meeting

The CS Department would like to provide “start-up funds” for creating a student-led club in these topics. There will be a general meeting for the purpose of meeting others and discussing how clubs are created.

This will occur after the CS Welcome Back Event on August 31, in Big Beckman Lecture Hall at 5:00 PM.