CS Email Lists


CS Email lists for students consist of CS Friends and CS Opps. These Google Groups will not be viewable if you are not an HMC organization member with an HMC email account. Please fill out this form if you want to be added to the list.

CS Opportunities Mailing List

This email list is for advertising jobs, internships, graduate school info, and research opportunities for our CS students.

If you would like to solicit this kind of information to our students, please send opportunities to cs-opps-l@g.hmc.edu. Message requests are subject to approval.

If you are a 5C student and would like to subscribe for updates, please click on this link to join the Google Group “CS Opportunities.”

CS Friends Mailing List

This email list is for students who are not declared HMC CS Majors and wish to receive announcements that are not CS Opps related. We often make announcements to our CS Majors and students currently taking our CS Intro courses. If you are not receiving CS Department Announcements but wish to, please join the Google Group “CS Friends” here.