CS Research

Each faculty member in the department has an active research program that involves undergraduates. A substantial portion of this research is funded by the National Science Foundation. The department currently has several active NSF grants, and additional research support comes from sources including the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), the Mellon Foundation and the Baker and Rose-Hills Foundations. We thank all of these sources for making summer research at HMC possible!

During the summer, a subset of the HMC CS faculty advise research projects and operate an NSF REU Site. Although not every faculty member advises a project every summer, our research “homebase,” the second floor of Sprague, is a bustling place (we supported over 70 students in 2019). You can view faculty research interests below.

Throughout the year students can engage in research during the academic year by finding a research mentor and registering for CS 185/186.