WordPress: Images in Content

Images may be added anywhere within a web page’s content.

Place your cursor where you wish the insert the image and select the Add Media button that is above the editor toolbar:

The Insert Media dialog opens. There are two tabs: Upload Files that allows new images to be uploaded and Media Library that allows one to be chosen from the existing library.

Upload files:


Media Library:


Using the Upload Files tab, images may be drag and dropped or selected for upload as defined by your computer’s operating system.

After either uploading the image or selecting an existing one from the library, the right side of the library popup allows configuration of the image:


  • Title: this is not used on the website but will allow images to be searched more easily within the library. Images should be named relevantly and simply.
  • Caption: Optional. Any text entered here will be displayed underneath the image
  • Alt Text: If a caption is not specified, then alt text is required.
  • Description: Not required or used and may left blank.

The section called Attachment Display Settings allows the settings to be configured for the image’s size, position and what should happen if the image is clicked.


  • Left: float the image left. Text will be wrapped around the image
  • Center: the image will be centered and the text will not wrap around the image
  • Right: float the image right. Text will be wrapped around the image.
  • None: the image will not be floated but will be aligned to the left. Text will not wrap around the image.

Link To

  • Media File – if clicked, the image will link to the full size version of the image.
  • Attachment Page – if clicked, the image will link to a web page containing just the image. It is not recommended you select this option
  • Custom URL – if clicked, the image will link to a URL elsewhere. This could be another web page, a PDF download or totally different website. Only use this if the image is being used to promote another web page or website.
  • None: If the image is clicked, nothing will happen.


Depending on the size of your original image, a number of options will be available for displaying the image on the web page. The actual size will depend on the dimensions and ratio of the image, with the exception of Thumbnail that will always be 150 x 150 pixels

When you have the image configured, select the Insert into page button: