Lands’ End Store

You may order apparel from Lands’ End with the Harvey Mudd College logo. Communications and marketing worked with Lands’ End to develop a new Harvey Mudd College Lands’ End online store for purchasing clothing and other promotional items. We have generated stitch patterns for the new Harvey Mudd logo in black and gold for use on these items.

Payment must be made by credit card, and orders will be shipped based on delivery instructions provided at the time the order is placed.

Customized Logos

If you would like to add your department, office, program or student organization name to create a customized logo rather than using the standard Harvey Mudd logo, there will be an additional, one-time fee of $45. To create a customized logo with your department or program name, contact Annette Duchane, art consultant with Lands’ End (

Lands’ End will work with communications and marketing to finalize and approve your customized logo, and we will add it to the store so you can use it for your order and any additional future orders.

Note About Fees

Lands’ End charges a small fee per item to include any logo on apparel or other merchandise. Also, Lands’ End does not honor discounts from its consumer website through the business website.


If you have questions, contact Tim Hussey ( or Robert Vidaure (