Required Forms

Program Acceptance Letter

Upon receipt, submit a copy of your program acceptance letter to the Office of Study Abroad.

HMC Program Acceptance Form

The HMC Program Acceptance form, along with your acceptance letter, authorizes the Office of Student Accounts to pay your initial deposit to the program sponsor. This deposit holds your spot in the program. This form is not online; you must obtain it from the Office of Study Abroad.

Assumption of Risk, Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement

This form outlines the various policies and legalities of studying abroad.

Course Approval Form

The form lists the courses you plan to take while abroad.  Each course must have signature approval from your HSSA and major advisor, as well as the department head of your major

Engineering Majors Only

The Department of Engineering requires engineering majors to complete a petition outlining the engineering courses you plan to take while abroad. These courses must be approved by the Engineering committee to be counted toward credit for graduation.

Special Needs or Disability Form

This form provides you the opportunity to indicate whether or not you require any special assistance while abroad.

Study Abroad Checklist

Each department listed on this checklist must provide signature approval before you can go abroad. For approval from the Office of Student Accounts, (1) your room deposit for your return semester must be paid and (2) your student account must be current and paid in full. For information about room draw, please see the Student Life section of HMC’s website.

HMC Health Form

All study abroad students my have a health screening prior to going abroad.  This can be done at the Claremont Colleges health center or by your family physician. This screening should be done no more than six months before your departure.

Insurance Authorization Form

All study abroad students are required to have comprehensive insurance while they are abroad.  Some sponsor programs include student health insurance as part of the program. Regardless of whether or not insurance is provided by the program sponsor, the Insurance Authorization Form should be completed by the policyholder, usually the student’s parent(s). It is important that you contact your insurance provider to inquire whether or not your policy will cover you while abroad. There are a number of companies that provide insurance for students studying abroad. Please review our Resources section of the study abroad website.

Note About Insurance Authorization

The Insurance Authorization Form, along with a letter from the Office of Study abroad and a copy of the HMC Statement of Understanding Form signed by the student, is part of a mailing which is sent to the student’s home address. The policy holder of the student’s insurance policy must return the completed form to the Office of Study Abroad. You may, however, choose to send this form to your family yourself.