PLC Membership by Region

Parent Leadership Council (PLC) members are a great resource for information and experience within the HMC Community. If you would like to connect with a representative in your area, please email and we will put you in touch.

Below is a list of current PLC members by region. The list includes specific resource/experience areas in which PLC members and their students might be particularly helpful.


Nick and Sonia Vora P25
Dubai | Doral, FL

Sirinard Lee P22
Wattana, Bangkok
Resource: Hosts/facilitates a group for families in Thailand

Maggie and Victor Li P23
Beijing, China
Resource: Hosts/facilitates a WeChat group for families in China

Ann Stewart and Brad Limpert P24
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Resource: Hosts/facilitates a chat group for families in Canada

Sarada Krishnamurthy and Balaji Bgopalakrishnan P25
India | Lewisville, NC | Brooklyn, NY
Resource: Hosts/facilitates a chat group for families in India


Leticia and Jim Barr P26
Silver Spring, MD

Liz and Dean Elliott P24
Damascus, MD

Melissa and Eric Lane P23
Sparks Glencoe, MD
Resource: Summer Research

Ellen and Lloyd Smith P26
Potomac, MD


Ron Baakkonen P25 and Susmitha Bellam P25
Wilmette, IL

Pacific Northwest

Kathy and Ed Fries P24
Kirkland, WA

Northern California

Sunita and Jai Chulani P25
Los Altos, CA

Gene Davis and Holly Pease P25
Carmel by the Sea, CA

Adam and Giselle Galper P25
Palo Alto, CA

Andrea and Jeff Hasegawa P25
Oakland, CA

Katherine Lilygren P25
Los Altos, CA

Roger Meike and Monika Schoenhoff P21 P23
Emerald Hills, CA

Curtis and Briar Mewbourne P25
Palo Alto, CA

Margaret Pozzo De Somma P25
Belvedere, CA

Gian Solomon and Ariane Mahler P24
Tiburon, CA

Jack Stone and Sideth Keo P23
Newark, CA

Wendy and Saul Zales P23
Carmichael, CA
Resource: CMS Athletics

Southern California

Ereinee and Wassiem Abdelmalek P26
Trabuco Canyon, CA

Julie and David Carlin P26
Los Angeles, CA

Jenny Ellsworth ’90 P26 and Scott Ellsworth ’89 P26
Lake Forest, CA

Ken and Michelle Froelich P23
South Pasadena, CA
Resource: Summer Research

Janet and Jay Iinuma P26
Sierra Madre, CA

Heather and Tyler Mingst P22
Santa Monica, CA

Wen-Chia and Andrew Parker P26
Los Angeles, CA

Chris Tuffli and Joy Higa P23
Manhattan Beach, CA
Resource: Hosts/facilitates a chat group for families in Hawaii and experience with CMS Athletics, Summer Research

Rocky Mountain

Melanie and Norbert Turek P23
Steamboat Springs, CO
Resource: Summer Research


Donald King and Daphne Dickens-King P25
Henderson, NV
Resource: Summer Research


Brad Hobbs and Andrea Fant-Hobbs P23
South Orange, NJ
Resource: ASHMC

Sarada Krishnamurthy and Balaji Bgopalakrishnan P25
Brooklyn, NY | Lewisville, NC | India

Caitlin and Geoff Pitt P23
New York, NY

Sharon Stanfill P15
Lincoln, MA


Lynn Bodell P14
Orlando, FL

Sarada Krishnamurthy and Balaji Bgopalakrishnan P25
Lewisville, NC | Brooklyn, NY | India

Harry Sanchez and Gloria Suarez P22
Coral Gables, FL

Nick and Sonia Vora P25
Doral, FL | Dubai