Standard Operating Procedure Resources

Standard operating procedures (SOP’s) are written, instructions that describe how to perform an activity. Standard operating procedures help maintain safety and efficiency. A standard operating procedure should never be difficult to read or vaguely worded. It should be brief, easy to understand and contain actions and/or steps that are simple follow. A good standard operating procedure should clearly outline the steps and inform the user of any safety concerns.

The standard operating procedures should be the basis for training any new employees. SOP’s should be updated annually to ensure they remain relevant to the current needs.

Penny Manisco, Chemical Hygiene Officer is a great resource for questions or concerns you may have regarding the development of your SOP. You can reach her by email at or by phone at 909.607.4217.

Standard Operating Procedure Templates can be found at the link below:

If you have SOP’s you would like to add to our website to share with other HMC constituents please proceed with the upload using the following Google Form:

  • HMC Standard Operating Procedure Upload Form*
    • Uploaded SOP’s will be accessible via the HMC Standard Operating Procedure Repository. Please contact Theresa Lauer with questions, comments or concerns regarding the use of this form and uploading SOP’s.

If you would like to see what SOP’s we currently have available, you can find them in our Standard Operating Procedure Repository using the following link:

You can reach Theresa Lauer, Senior Director, Facilities, Emergency Preparedness and Safety for SOP support and assistance via email at or by phone at 909.607.2760.

You can reach Penny Manisco, Chemical Hygiene Officer for SOP support and assistance via email at or by phone at 909.607.4217.

* requires HMC Google Account for access