Academic Advisory System

Service Description

Academic Advisories are sent via email and automatically copied to the instructor, the student’s advisors, and the Office of Academic Affairs. The Academic Affairs Committee tracks all advisories and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will meet with any student who receives two or more advisories. While often used when there is a concern (e.g., missing paper/HW, poor attendance or performance on exam) advisories are also used to send encouraging notes (e.g., great improvement or performance on exam). The advisory system is also an effective formal way to call a conference with the student.


Available to faculty and emeritus at HMC.

Login Page

How to Access the Service

The Academic Advisory System can be accessed from the JICS portal (menu item under faculty tab) or directly from the link above.

Use your HMC Credentials to access the service. Selecting a course takes you to a class list from which you can select one or more students. The next step allows you to enter any additional personalized comments and/or request a conference with the student(s). Finally, you’ll be able to preview the notices before they are sent.

Important Note: If you are logging in to the Academic Advisory System from off-campus you will need to use our VPN.

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