IT Projects

The table below is a list of our projects, which are typically a subset of our annual goals and initiatives. For more information, please contact our CIS Project Manager, Veronica Morganhart at

Active Projects

Project Title
Project Description
FirewallExpand firewall services on the HMC campus
Legacy Infrastructure RetirementMigrate as many resources away from aging infrastructure
Wireless TransitionMove our Wireless Provider from Scripps to TCCS

Completed Projects

Project Title
Project Description
Project Completion Date
McGregor Computer Science CenterAssist with the AV systems and network services for the McGregor Computer Science Center.Q3 2021
Update of Security ServicesImplement security related services provided by Trustwave which includes vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, cybersecurity incident response, and proactive threat detection monitoring with access to sensitive data.Q2 2021
Alice and Charlie Decommission ProjectRelocate data storage from on premise Windows File Storage Servers (Alice and Charlie) to cloud storage.Q3 2020
Footprints 12Upgrade the software that we use for managing Help Desk tickets, which is called Footprints.Q3 2020
Identity and Access Management deploymentThe Claremont Colleges future Identity and Access Management system will provide all members of The Claremont Colleges community with a single set of credentials that facilitates easy and secure access to those electronic and physical resources which they are permitted to use. HMC successfully implemented RapidIdentity in June 2020, and CIS is working with the other colleges and TCCS on this project.Q2 2020
Upgrade Computational Chemistry LabConfigure and replace hardware based on the software needs of Prof Cave’s computational chemistry lab.Q1 2020
Math InitiativePartner with the Mathematics Department to redesign computing services for the Department. The goal is to have CIS support general IT services, allowing the Math Department IT Analyst to focus on initiatives and issues that are specific to Math.Q1 2020
Distribution of updated anti-virus softwareProvide and support cloud-based Trend Micro anti-virus solution.Q1 2020
JupyterHub server on KeplerSet up and support a multi-user server using JupyterHub, Julia and Jupyter Notebooks on Vatche Sahakian's machine called Kepler. The server is used for a Computational Physics course taught by Prof. Vatche Sahakian, by summer students working with Prof. Ann Esin and possibly other faculty as well.Q3 2019
Raiser's Edge NXTAct as a technical resource for the new software OCA is implementingQ3 2019
Reimagine ReimagingDefined and documented standard operating procedures for imaging systems.Q2 2019
Move the IT News site to Hmc.eduContent was migrated away from an old server.Q2 2019
Compile requirements for new Identity and Access Management systemRequirements were collected and delivered to the consulting company, Moran.Q2 2019
Automation and Integration for Admission and Financial Aid Data ProjectExamined current processes for the import and transfer of data into and between the Offices of Admission and Financial Aid and streamlined the methods used to create and transfer this data.Q1 2019
Upgrade Active Directory ServersCompleted upgrades to the Active Directory servers.Q3 2018
Deploy Duo Two factor authenticationThe project deployed the two factor security software Duo to all HMC current faculty (including visiting), staff and students for single-sign-on enabled applications and Office 365.Two-factor authentication provides a second layer of security to HMC Credential logins by requiring extra information via a physical device to log in.Q3 2018
Assist in evaluating new Constituent Relations Module software for Office of College AdvancementAssist in evaluating potential software candidates for OCA's new Constituent Relations ModuleQ1 2018