IAM@HMC and TCC 2020

In 2011 Harvey Mudd College launched its first Identity and Access Management initiative when we adopted Fischer Identity as a Service.  Now, in 2020, we are ready to move to a new system, one that was chosen by all the Claremont Colleges together.  We are very excited about this new stage as we believe it will improve people’s experience here at HMC, but especially when they visit the library or need access to software applications at the other Colleges.  (If you would like to read about the 2011 initiative, including information about the reasons we adopted a system, please visit the IAM@HMC 2011 page).

What is IAM?

IAM is an abbreviation for “Identity and Access Management”.  It applies to software used for creating and deleting accounts, managing passwords, providing single sign on (SSO), and managing authorization (level of access) to systems.  Based on people’s roles, IAM systems grant them access to the applications to which they are authorized and provides single sign on functionality for those applications  (sign in once to visit any application in the SSO ecosystem).

Why are we changing vendors?

HMC has been using Fischer Identity since 2011.  However, in the past year, the Claremont Colleges together chose a new IAM solution called “Rapid Identity”, which will be adopted by all of the Claremont Colleges and TCCS.  This will allow for smoother account access and sign on experience for all Claremont users. 

What do I have to do? 

Identity systems are designed to keep very secure records of passwords, security questions and answers.  However, that can make it difficult to move accounts from one system to another.  Therefore, most IAM systems have a process known as “claiming an account”, whereby you use a one time code to set up your account in the IAM system.  Setting up the account involves creating a password and selecting security questions to which you provide your secret answers.  In order for the transition to Rapid Identity to go smoothly, you will need to claim your account between Saturday June 20 and Friday June 26.  Then, on June 27 you will be able to continue your regular activities uninterrupted.