Portal: Student Usage

Service Description

The HMC Portal allows faculty, students, and staff to view and modify CX data through a web browser. CX is the enterprise information system used by HMC and the other undergraduate Claremont Colleges for storing and managing most student and other college data.

Students can use the Portal to register for courses, manage their student accounts, and view grades. Unofficial transcripts and degree information are also available through the Portal. Portal accounts for incoming students are created in early June of the year they matriculate.

After logging into the Portal using your HMC credentials, click on the ‘Student’ tab in the upper left to access grade information, including unofficial transcripts and advising information. The ‘Course Registration’ tab will provide access to a search engine permitting a student to search through available classes for present and upcoming terms, as well as to register for courses at the time appointed by the registrar. The ‘Student Account Info” tab provides access to current student account balances and e-check services to pay existing account balances.

When visiting the Portal, make sure to use the links and navigation tools built into the site instead of your browser’s ‘back,’ ‘forward,’ and ‘refresh’ buttons. Using your browser’s navigation tools will send you back to the main page of your selected tab, losing any unsaved progress in course registration or other activities.

More help can be found by clicking on the question mark at the right hand side of any black header bar. The wrench icon  next to the question mark is used to change portlet preferences when available.


Available to students at HMC.

How to Access the Service

Go to the Portal login page. You can login using your standard HMC Credentials username and password.

Mobile devices are not currently supported by the HMC Portal.

Please note that this service requires cookies. See the related links below on how to ensure that cookies are being accepted for login.

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