HMC Credentials

Service Description

With the launch of our Identity and Access Management (IAM) initiative, CIS introduced the concept of “HMC Credentials.” The term refers to the combination of your HMC User ID and HMC Password. As the initiative proceeds, more and more systems will start using HMC credentials. See which services currently use HMC Credentials.

This represents a change in CIS communications and practices. Up to now, we have typically identified usernames and passwords by reference to the application or server which uses them, so we would often say things like “Google Apps username and password” or “LDAP username and password” and “Sakai username and password.” From now on, CIS will no longer refer to these local account credentials unless they are different from your HMC credentials.

Some of the services using HMC credentials can be accessed using Single Sign-On (SSO). For these services, such as G Suite and the Portal, you will only need to log in once to be able to access all other SSO services. See the list of Roles and Authorizations in the Related Links below to see which account types use which credentials.

CIS staff will never ask for the password associated with your HMC credentials. (See How do I reset my password?)


Available to faculty, students, staff, alumni, payers, emeriti, trustees, and applicants at HMC.

How to Access the Service

When you are granted HMC Credentials for the first time, you will receive an email at the non-HMC address that you provided. The email contains instructions about how to set up your HMC Credentials password and security questions.

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