Explore and share your interest in music, art, sports, dance, robotics, multi-variable calculus, environmental research, community service, improv comedy, puzzle competitions, cooking, [insert your interest here] – or find a new one! If Harvey Mudd doesn’t have it, you might want to check out all the other groups at the Claremont Colleges.

On Campus

Harvey Mudd hosts a full range of activities, including student government, clubs and organizations, recreation, athletics and community service.

Many of these programs are coordinated through the dean of students office.

  • The DOS Activities Team plans and organizes events for the entire campus
  • The LACtivities committee handles tournament and event planning for the Linde Activities Center
  • The Committee for Activities Planning organizes non-dorm-based events
  • The Social Committee of ASHMC, Mudd’s student government, handles on-campus parties.

The Claremont Colleges

Harvey Mudd students attend events at all of The Claremont Colleges, such as concerts, speaker series, art exhibits, theater productions, sports and trips.