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The Henry E. and Gayle Riggs Fellowship in Engineering Management


In March 2014, Professors Kash Gokli, Zee Duron, and Liz Orwin visited San Jose and presented “The Direction of Engineering Management at Harvey Mudd College” to Mr. Henry E. Riggs. After this meeting, the College received an endowment from Henry E. and Gayle Riggs that enabled us to create a fellowship in Engineering Management. Since then, Professor Gokli has been appointed the director of this fellowship.

This gift has created many exciting possibilities for HMC. With the Riggs gift, Professor Gokli has created a fellowship program, where students conduct applied and lab research in engineering management or a technical field that has significant management components (like manufacturing, quality, and design). This program is aligned with the other seven undergraduate research experiences in the department and provides impactful opportunities to our students.



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