Engineering Fellowships

HMC Fellowship Program

Engineering Fellowship Programs at Harvey Mudd College have been created to emphasize the core values of professional practice and hands-on experiential learning in an educational environment. Students in these programs gain exposure to state of-the-art techniques and equipment as well as experience in technical writing and professional presentations. The unique faculty adviser-donor-student relationship sets up a rich mentoring environment for everyone involved.

Engineering Fellowship Programs

Clay-Wolkin Fellowship in Electrical Engineering

Founded in 2006 and is named in memory of the famous and fun-loving Mudder Jay Wolkin ’99.

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De Pietro Fellowship in Civil Engineering

Created in 1998 by brothers Robert (’69) and Dennis De Pietro in honor of their parents.

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The Engman Fellowship Program in Bioengineering

Founded in 2005 by Robert and Mary Jane Engman, who own Opto 22 in Temecula, CA.

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The Patton and Claire Lewis Fellowship Program

Created in 2008 by Malcolm Lewis ’69 and his wife, Cynthia, in honor of Malcolm’s parents.

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The Jude and Eileen Laspa Fellowship in Applied Mechanics

Created to provide students at Harvey Mudd College with an opportunity to pursue mechanics-focused research problems that come from a range of multidisciplinary applications, building on the unique general engineering program at Harvey Mudd.

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The Henry E. and Gayle Riggs Fellowship in Engineering Management

Created in 2014 by Henry E. and Gayle Riggs for Engineering Management.

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