Engineering Clinic

Clinic Prototype SocialPioneered by the Department of Engineering in 1963, the Engineering Clinic brings together teams of juniors and seniors—working with faculty advisors and external liaison engineers—to solve real problems for clients in the public and private sector.

Clinic students plan and execute their projects; faculty members advise, coach, monitor, evaluate and provide feedback; and the liaisons ensure that the sponsors’ goals are achieved and that the design experience corresponds as closely as possible to what engineers encounter in actual practice. Thus, the questions and problems that student teams face are typical of those regularly confronted by practicing engineers, and the solutions they devise must work in practice, not just in theory.

Attracting an expansive list of major clients, Clinic encompasses a broad range of engineering disciplines-from biomedical to chemical, computer to electrical, environmental to mechanical and everywhere in between. Companies retain all intellectual property rights that arise out of the project, and it is not uncommon for HMC students to be named on patents.