Riggs Fellowship Companies


Prof. Gokli invites the Riggs Fellows to join him in his consulting practice and exposes them to state of the art management and technical practices through a 10-week summer fellowship. We choose two small to medium sized manufacturing companies a year who want to become more competitive. These companies may have high costs, low efficiencies, and poor product quality. In return they may have poor employee morale and customer satisfaction. These companies may not have the expertise and/or resources to improve their situations. We choose these companies based on how much our students will learn from these assignments as well as the needs of the companies. We agree to ambitious targets, which, in turn, challenges the Riggs team to stretch themselves in finding innovative solutions in achieving the target goals.

Companies are welcome to contact Prof. Gokli (gokli@hmc.edu), if they want the Harvey Mudd team to work on transformational, high-impact projects at their companies.

Riggs Companies

Riggs Fellowship Companies by Year