WordPress: Email Addresses

Learn how to format an email address on the Harvey Mudd WordPress website.

Email Address Standards

  • Email addresses should be written out as active (clickable) links.
  • Do not try to obfuscate your email address in an attempt to fool email harvesters; it does not work. WordPress will do this for you.
  • Do not make the link text anything other than the email address itself.

Examples for Email Addresses

Good: jsmith@hmc.edu
Bad: jsmith [at] hmc dot edu
Bad: Email Prof. Smith

Formatting an Email Address in WordPress

In the content editor, write out the email address.

Highlight the email address and select the Format email button:

WordPress formatting email address step 1

The system places code around the email address that will format it when displayed on the web page:

WordPress formatting email address step 2

When published and viewed, the email address will be a selectable link:

WordPress formatting email address step 3