Business Cards

Harvey Mudd College business cards are two-color, printed with black and gold soy-based inks on Neenah Classic Crest, Natural (the same recycled-content paper we used for the previous stationery).

You may send your request for business cards to your designated representative (below) or, once authorized (call 909.621.8478), you may place your order through the ordering system.

Designated Representatives for Business Card Orders
Department/Office Contact Person(s) Phone Number
Biology Molly Stoykovich 909.621.8561
Chemistry Kimberly Young 909.621.8092
Computer Science Joyce Greene 909.621.8225
Engineering (including Clinic) Sydney Torrey 909.621.8124
Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts Deborah Laird 909.621.8022
Physics 909.621.8024
Mathematics Jocelyn Olds-McSpadden 909.621.8023
Advancement 909.621.1818
Joanna Callahan 909.621.8342
Irene Barela 909.621.8560
Admission and Financial Aid Judy Givigliano 909.621.8011
Business Affairs Hannah Garcia 909.607.2889
Computing and Information Services Ariana Sandoval 909.607.2897
Dean of the Faculty/Academic Affairs Esther Hughes 909.621.8122
Dean of Students Ana Guillen
Dining Services Maria Ramirez 909.621.8487
Facilities and Maintenance
Human Resources Patrice Siffert 909.607.4154
President’s Office Kelly Lauer 909.621.8121
Upward Bound Marcy Salcido 909.621.8123