Dorm WiFi and Ethernet Ports

Service Description

In accordance with the Dorm Network Resource Policy, students staying in the dorms have access to the HMC Network through wired (ethernet) ports and via wireless.

One Port Per Pillow Policy
While CIS still makes wired ethernet ports available, the main focus is adequate WiFi coverage for all dorms. CIS has minimally allocated one wired port for each student in a dorm. Your dorm may have any number of ports dependent on how many students occupy it.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need additional network ports (for servers, game consoles, etc.) or better WiFi coverage please contact the CIS Help Desk for assistance. We can often help by changing configurations, adding temporary network equipment, or aiding you in the set up of a personal network device such as a switch or router/access point. For more information on personal network devices please read on here: Recommended Personal Switches, Routers, and Access Points


Available to students at HMC.

How to Access the Service

Wired: Connect an ethernet cable (cat5 or higher) into the port in your room. You will need to locate the ethernet ports in your room. They can sometimes be hidden behind furniture. Not all ports are active, but always start by trying the top left port first. If you have issues locating a working port please contact the CIS Help Desk.

Wireless: You will have access to the same wireless networks as you do already around campus. Please use Claremont-WPA for all your devices. For devices that do not support WPA2-Enterprise please use Claremont-ETC (reduced access but ideal for older devices and game consoles).

If you have any issues or questions please contact the Help Desk at or 909.607.7777.

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