Wireless Networks

Multiple wireless networks are broadcast across HMC and The Claremont Colleges. Brief descriptions of each are below:


Claremont-WPA is the preferred wireless network at HMC. Connecting to Claremont-WPA provides the benefits of WPA2-Enterprise security and allows for accessing most internal HMC resources. It requires authentication upon connection – an HMC Credentials username followed by @hmc, and an HMC Credentials password.


The Claremont wireless network does not use any encryption. When you connect to this network a login page will appear automatically. Enter your HMC Credentials username followed by @hmc, and an HMC Credentials password.


The Claremont-ETC wireless network is designed for use by older devices that do not support WPA2-Enterprise authentication. If a device needs to be connected to this network, please contact the CIS Help Desk to obtain the current WEP key for this network.


The CINE network does not require authentication and is meant to be used as a guest network. Internal HMC services are unavailable on this network.


Available to faculty, students, staff, alumni, payors, emeritus, trustees, and applicants at HMC and all of The Claremont Colleges.

How to Access the Service

Access the appropriate wireless settings pane on the device to be connected and select the appropriate network for the use case. When prompted, enter the appropriate username and password. For more information regarding Claremont-WPA setup, please visit our FAQ.

Please contact the Help Desk at helpdesk@hmc.edu or 909.607.7777 to request assistance with connecting to wireless networks. A CIS staff member will respond within one business day.

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