Eduroam Wireless Roaming

Service Description

Eduroam (education wireless roaming) allows users (researchers, teachers, students, staff) from participating institutions to securely access the Internet from any Eduroam-enabled institution. In other words, your HMC credentials will work at other institutions to get you access to secure wireless networks and other resources. And, when visitors arrive in Claremont, they can use their own home institution credentials to access wireless here.

The Eduroam principle is based on the fact that the user’s authentication is done by the user’s home institution, whereas the authorization decision allowing access to the network resources is done by the visited network.


Available to faculty, students, staff, alumni, payers, emeritus, trustees, and applicants who have HMC credentials and visitors from other institutions who have Eduroam configured at their home institution.

How to Access the Service

Access the appropriate wireless settings pane on the device to be connected and select the Eduroam network. When prompted, enter the appropriate <userid> and password.

Please contact the Help Desk at or 909.607.7777 to request assistance with connecting to wireless networks.

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