Dorm Network Resource Policy

The HMC Computer Network spans the entire campus and provides access to resources located anywhere on the network. It also provides access to the Claremont Intercollegiate Network, to the Internet, and to all their resources. By appropriately configuring their personal computer system in their dorm room, students may choose to offer resources for their own personal use, for use by other students, or for use by other people around the world via the HMC Computer Network. Some examples would be setting up a Web server, an ftp or fsp server (including mirrors), a list server, a public domain software server, enabling Apple or Windows file sharing, or allowing other users to login to their system. If you choose to offer any resources via the HMC Computer Network, then you are under special obligations. These obligations are in addition to those of any user of the HMC network.

  1. You may not charge a fee for any resource you offer. You may restrict who has access to a resource if you choose, but you may not charge for access or for use.
  2. You are responsible for the performance of the resource you offer. The resource should be dependable and reliable. Complaints about unreliable resources often come to Computing and Information Services, even if Computing and Information Services has nothing to do with the system. Registering your system will allow us to contact you if there are perceived problems.
  3. You are responsible for the content of the resource, if any. You must abide by all federal, state, and local laws, as well as college rules and regulations. This includes abiding by copyright laws. Unless explicitly noted otherwise, you should assume materials are copyrighted. This means you must have appropriate numbers of licenses for any software you allow others to use, and must have copyright permission for any text or images you allow others to access.
  4. You must not provide access to HMC specific resources for people who would not be permitted access under our licensing agreements. Similarly, you must not provide access for people outside the Claremont Colleges to Claremont specific resources to which they would not be permitted access.
  5. Within one week of its becoming visible on the network, you are responsible for registering any resource you offer. This will allow us to better track the use of the network, to plan for its future, and, if you choose, to publish the availability of your resources on the HMC Web. While not constituting “official sanction” of the resources you offer, it would make them known and accessible to a wider community. You can obtain a registration form by sending email to: ...

Failure to meet any of these obligations will result in your personal computer system being disconnected from the HMC Computer Network with a statement of charges being referred to the HMC Disciplinary Board within two working days. If warranted, additional steps may be taken, including referral to legal authorities.

If you have questions about offering resources from your personal computer system on the Harvey Mudd College Computer Network, you should contact either the Director of Computing and Information Services or a member of the Harvey Mudd College Computing Committee.