Career Services Learning Outcomes


  • explore the intersection of their identities, values, interests, skills, and strengths
  • identify and research a wide variety of career fields and opportunities
  • find, evaluate, and employ career resources in making educational and career choices
  • effectively communicate transferable skills and accomplishments both verbally and in writing


  • cultivate a professional network of relationships and engage in informational interviews
  • gain experience and skills through site visits, job shadowing, student activities, study abroad, community engagement, internships, and research
  • obtain insights from professionals and peers about navigating the workplace
  • explore alignment of values and goals with possible future opportunities


  • market themselves effectively to prospective employers and graduate programs
  • identify and use relevant tools in the job, research, or graduate program search
  • activate and maintain professional relationships effectively and appropriately 
  • understand and plan for future educational pursuits (graduate school, professional credentials, professional development, etc.) and career trajectories