Handshake Approval Policy

About Handshake

Handshake is a new recruiting system where you can post career opportunities, register for our career fairs and sign up for events and on-campus recruiting.

New Handshake Users

Go to Handshake and create a profile using the guidelines below.

Existing Handshake Users

If you are already using Handshake to recruit at another school, you don’t have to create a new account. Use your current login information. Then, click on “Schools” on the left hand menu. Click the “Find Schools” tab, then in the search bar type in: Harvey Mudd College. Then “Request Approval”. Be sure to read the guidelines below to approve your chances of being approved in our network. Due to the high volume of requests, approvals may take time and not all approvals will be approved if guidelines are not followed.

Handshake Help

Once you have an account, you can use the Handshake help center to find helpful tips on how post jobs and internships, edit your profile, how to register and pay for fairs, and set up events and interviews.

Guidelines to Ensure Approval of Request to Join our Handshake Network

Before sending us a request to join you on Handshake, it is important to understand that Harvey Mudd College is an undergraduate only school specializing in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Thus, our students are mostly interested in STEM opportunities.

If you have opportunities outside of STEM, it would be best to reach out to another school in the consortium: CMC, Pitzer, Pomona, or Scripps and CGU or Keck for grad students. Our students will see those opportunities as well.

Before inviting us to be a partner school in Handsake, be sure to:

  • Completely fill out your profile including website.
  • Match your info in your Handshake profile (address, phone number, etc.) with what is listed in your website.
  • Use email addresses with a domain that matches the domain of your website.
  • Include the name of at least one point of contact with your organization.
  • Double check for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Avoid language too casual or unprofessional.
  • Make sure your job opportunities are easy to find on your website.

Note: Organizations with any egregious complaints on sites such as BBB, Glassdoor, etc. will not be approved.

Failure to follow these guidelines may not only affect your potential relationship with The Claremont Colleges but other schools in the Handshake system. If any school in Handshake rejects your request to connect, it may affect something called a “trust score” that can influence the decisions of others as to whether or not to approve you or not.


Do I Need to Connect with All Seven Schools in Handshake?

Connecting with one of The Claremont Colleges allows your opportunities to be viewable to all schools in the consortium. Thus, there is no need to select all seven schools to have your positions and/or events open to all students.

What if I Only Want to Offer a Position to Certain Students?

If you want to be selective and only have your job posted at certain schools, you may do so. If you need help with this contact the school in the consortium that you feel best aligns with your hiring goals.

May Third Party Recruiters Post Jobs?

No, The Claremont Colleges Consortium Employer Relations Committee no longer accepts Third-Party Recruiters in our Handshake System. If you have any concerns, please contact the individual college for additional information.