DOS Muchachos

So, what do Mudders do in their spare time? A whole bunch of stuff! We have the DOS Muchachos, a group of 10 students who plan activities throughout the year.

Events range from crib races (racing in a crib, dressed as a baby) to battle tie-dye (foam noodles + white t-shirts + running + whacking people + dye = chaos) to Wednesday Nighters (a showcase for student talents or lack thereof). Programs are planned every Wednesday and then once a weekend throughout the semester. To see what the Muchachos have been up to, check the Harvey Mudd College DOS Activities Facebook page. Or, if you have an event you would like to see there, share it with the Muchachos with the event suggestion form.

Just look for posters or stop by the Dean’s Desk in Hoch-Shanahan Dining Commons for more information and come join us.

Annual events include:
Student crawling on hands and knees.

Crib Races

Crib Races consist of a team of students racing through an obstacle course trying to take care of their baby (another student). They dress the baby, feed the baby and change the baby in a range of silly obstacles.

Students carry another atop a surf board.

Frosh Soph Games

Who will be the victor? The incoming first years or the experienced sophomores? Students from each grade compete in a series of games to see who has what it takes to claim the title.

Students are chased by another in a turkey costume.

Turkey Trot

Everyone needs a good round of physical activity before they head home to eat loads of Thanksgiving food. Join the DOS Muchachos for a race through a variety of Thanksgiving themed stations.

Many students participate in race event.

5-C Competition

Pitting the five classes against one another, first years, sophomores, juniors, seniors and alumni compete in a range of activities to prove their prowess. Every Alumni Weekend this event gives alumni the chance to show that they’ve still got it.