Kevin Kim and Lucien Tsai (both ’24) Win Gold in The University Physics Competition

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Consider the impact of an asteroid in the ocean, 1,000 km from a coastal city.  What is the minimum mass the asteroid would require in order to cause substantial damage to this city?

You have 48 hours. Ready? Go!

Sophomores Kevin Kim and Lucien Tsai took on this challenge last November as part of The University Physics Competition, which is an international contest for undergraduate students. Teams register ahead of the competition weekend, select one of two questions, and spend up to 48 hours writing a formal paper describing their analysis. During the competition, “teams may use books, journals, computers, the Internet, programs that they write, or any other nonliving resources, but they may not consult with any people outside of their team.”

Entries submitted within the 48-hour window are judged and ranked, with roughly the top 2% awarded gold medals. Impressive work, gold-medal-winners Kevin and Lucien. Congratulations!