Academic Excellence

The Academic Excellence Program provides opportunities for students to work together to improve their understanding of concepts in the academic core. Workshops are guided by student facilitators who are outstanding upperclass majors recommended by their departments. They are trained to teach problem solving and collaborative learning strategies while helping students work to understand the material at the level of mastery required for success at Harvey Mudd.

Academic Excellence Schedule Fall 2016 (TBA)

Course Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Chem 23
Physics 23 & 51
Bio 113
Math 30, 35, 55, 60 & 65
Eng 79



Ellie Gund, Hannah Welsh, Jason Casar, Rachael Kretsch, Kareesa Kron, and Rilke Griffin

Physics 23 and 51

Calvin Leung, Sabine Fontaine, Marc Finzi, Jonas Kaufman, Brynn Arborico, Alex Ozdemir, Lupe MacIntosh, Jenny Smith, and Sophie Ehlen


Abram Sanderson, Max Hlavacek, Alex Ozdemir, Vidushi Ojha, Lakshay Akula, Shyan Akmal, Daniel Johnson, Lucius Bynum, Bryce McLaughlin, Kat Dover, and Michael Sheely


Annisa Dea, Juliet Forman, Carla Becker, Rachael Kretsch, Camille Goldman, Geneva Miller, and Nga Nguyen


Vai Viswanathan, Ian Song, Paige Rinnert, Robert Cyprus, Ace Bansal, Kristin Lie, Aurora Leeson, Eyassu Shimelis, Zach Shattler, and Jane Wu