Academic Excellence

The Academic Excellence Program provides opportunities for students to work together to improve their understanding of concepts in the academic core. Workshops are guided by student facilitators who are outstanding advanced majors recommended by their departments. They are trained to teach problem solving and collaborative learning strategies while helping students work to understand the material at the level of mastery required for success at Harvey Mudd.

Academic Excellence Spring 2020 Schedule

NOTE: All AE Workshops will now take place online.  Tutors will email links to each session on that day. This schedule may change from week to week, so please check back each week to verify when workshops will take place.

Week of Sunday March 29-Saturday April 4
Course Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Chem 23b

5-8 pm PDT

Physics 24

12-3 pm PDT

4-7 pm PDT

Math 73, 55,

70, & 80

5-7pm PDT

5-9pm PDT

Biology 52

4-6 & 7-9pm PDT

5-7pm PDT



Jeni Zhu, Emily Hwang, Candice Chen, Sydney Towell, Dylan Sotir


Rachel Barcklay, Harry Fetsch, Maya Martinez, Ivy Chen, Chai Karamchedu, Josh Morgan, Anna Barth, Daniel Torres, Will Warfield, Andres Cook


Havi Ellers, Lupe Quirarte, Ricky Shapley, Savana Ammons, Matthew LeMay, Aria Beaupre, Mengyi Shan, Chai Karamchedu, Ramya Ramalingam, Feiyang Lin


Candice Chen, Gabby Teodoro, Elena Romero, Justin Tai, Lindsey Rollosson, Ivy Liu