Courses Previously Approved for Study Abroad Transfer

Note: Inclusion in this list does not guarantee that a future edition of a given course will be approved for transfer credit.

These lists are not exhaustive — many institutions do not appear here, and even at the schools listed below there may be other courses that we would accept for transfer credit, especially as electives. When in doubt, ask!

AIT Budapest (Hungary)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for
Advanced Algorithms for BioinformaticsElective (1.5 credits)
Algorithms and Data StructuresCS 140
Applied CryptographyElective
Combinatorial OptimizationMath 187
Computational Biology and MedicineElective
Computer GraphicsCS 155
Computer Vision Applications for Digital CinemaElective
Data Mining, Parts 1 & 2Elective
Graph TheoryMath 104
Mobile Software DesignElective
Quantum Probability and Quantum LogicElective
Scalable Systems and Development ProcessesElective (1.5 credits)
Semantic and Declarative TechnologiesElective
Structure and Dynamics of Complex NetworksElective
Theory of ComputingCS 81
User Interface DesignElective (1.5 credits)
Credits transfer as 2 AIT : 1 HMC.
IT Entrepreneurship___
Design Workshop ___
The following AIT courses are not transferable for CS credit:

American College of Thessaloniki / Anatolia College (Greece)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for
CS 300Mobile Application ProgrammingElective
CS 312Database Management SystemsCS 133
CS 321Operating SystemsCS 134
CS 330Introduction to Mobile RoboticsElective
CS 340Artificial IntelligenceCS 151
CS 350Software EngineeringElective (but not recommended
if you have taken CS 121)
CS 412Object-Oriented ProgrammingElective
CS 421Computer Systems SecurityElective
CS 450System Design and AnalysisElective
CS 322Network Operating Systems and Administration___
The following ACT courses are not transferable for CS credit:

American University of Beirut (Lebanon)

Number TitleSubstitutes for
CMPS 253Software EngineeringCS 121
CMPS 252Software Construction___
The following Beirut courses are not transferable for CS credit:

DIS Copenhagen (Denmark)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for
Artificial IntelligenceCS 151
Computational Analysis of Big DataElective
Game Development LabElective
Game Development: Programming and PracticeElective
Credits transfer as 2 DIS : 1 HMC
Online Surveillance, Privacy, and Cybersecurity___
Rhetoric of Gaming and its Cultural Impact___
The following DIS courses are not transferable for CS credit:

CET Siena (Italy)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for
CS 3330Computer ArchitectureCS 136
CS 4414Operating SystemsCS 134
CS 4750Database SystemsCS 133

King’s College (England)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for
5CCS2OSCOperating Systems And ConcurrencyCS 134
6CCS3COMComputational ModelsElective (only for MCB majors who do not plan to take CS 81)
6CCS3NSEInformation SecurityElective
7CCSMPNNPattern Recognition, Neural Networks and Deep LearningElective (cannot also count CS 158 or CS 152)

ETH Zurich (Switzerland)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for
227-0558-00LPrinciples of Distributed ComputingElective
Credits transfer as 2 ETHZ : 1 HMC

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (Chile)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for:
ICI4242Automatons and CompilersCS 132
ICI5240Artificial IntelligenceCS 151
INF3340Computer NetworksCS 125

Prague College (Czech Republic)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for:
Advanced NetworksElective
Data Analysis and DesignElective
Networking InfrastructureCS 125
2D, 3D, and Time-Based Digital Applications___
3D Computer Modeling and Animation___
Computer Games Design and Development___
Interactive Media Web Authoring___
Web Application Development___
Website Design___
The following Prague courses are not transferable for CS credit:

Queen Mary University of London (England)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for
ECS522UGraphical User InterfacesCS 124
ECS657UMultiplatform Game DevelopmentElective
Credits transfer as 4 Queen Mary : 1 HMC.
ECS415UIntroduction to Digital Audio___
ECS416UIntroduction to Multimedia___
ECS417UFundamentals of Web Technology___
ECS419UInformation System Analysis___
The following Queen Mary courses are not transferable for CS credit:

Saint Louis University Madrid (Spain)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for:
CSCI 2400Computer ArchitectureCS 136
CSCI 3250CompilerCS 132
CSCI 3300Software EngineeringCS 121
CSCI 3710DatabasesCS 133
CSCI 4750Machine LearningCS 158
Introduction to Statistical ModelingMath 52 (CMC) or Math 58 (Pomona)
CSCI 2300Object-Oriented Software Design___
The following SLU courses are not transferable for CS credit:

Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for
CS3021/3421Computer Architecture IICS 136
CS4404Machine LearningCS 158
Credits transfer as 2 Trinity : 1 HMC.

University of Canterbury (New Zealand)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for
COSC261-1851Formal Languages and CompilersCS 132
COSC262-1851AlgorithmsCS 140
COSC363-1851Computer GraphicsCS 155
Credits transfer as 4 Canterbury : 1 HMC.

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for:
13878Operating SystemsCS 134
13881Files and Data basesCS 133
13882User InterfacesCS 124
13883Artificial IntelligenceCS 151
13884Computer NetworksCS 125
13888Computer ArchitectureCS 136
13889Operating Systems DesignCS 134
13890CompilersCS 132
15757Machine LearningCS 158
15973Cryptography and Computer SecurityElective
15974Software EngineeringCS 121
Credits transfer as 2 UC3M : 1 HMC.
13873Algorithms and Data Structures___
13874Computer StructurePlease check with Engineering
about transferring as E 85
13877Automata and Formal Language Theory13877 + 15970 counts as
CS 81 + Elective
15972Principles of Software Development___
The following UC3M courses are not transferable for CS credit:

Universidad de Chile (Chile)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for:
CC3201DatabasesCS 133
CC4101Programming LanguagesCS 131
CC4102Algorithm Design and AnalysisCS 140
CC5206Introduction to Data MiningCS 158
IIC2413DatabasesCS 133
IIC2613Artificial IntelligenceCS 151
Credits transfer as 10 Chile : 3 HMC.

Universidad de Sevilla (Spain)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for:
Artificial IntelligenceCS 151
Operating SystemsElective
Computer ArchitectureCS 136
Credits transfer as 2 Sevilla : 1 HMC.

University of Auckland (New Zealand)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for:
COMPSCI 210Computer OrganizationCS 105
Credits transfer as 4 Auckland : 1 HMC.
COMPSCI 718Programming for Industry___
The following Auckland courses are not transferable for CS credit:

University of Bristol (England)

Credits transfer as 4 Bristol : 1 HMC.

NumberTitleSubstitutes for:
COMS21202Symbols, Patterns and Signals___
The following Bristol courses are not transferable for CS credit:

University of Cape Town (South Africa)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for:
CSC3020HThree Dimensional & Distributed Games DesignElective
CSC3022FC++ and Machine Learning___
The following Cape Town courses are not transferable for CS credit:

University of Edinburgh (Scotland)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for:
INFR09009Computer ArchitectureCS 136
INFR09027Computer Communications and NetworksCS 125
INFR09028Foundations of Natural Language ProcessingCS 159
INFR09032System Design ProjectCS 121
INFR09047Operating SystemsCS 134
INFR10067Computer SecurityElective
INFR11021Computer GraphicsCS 155
INFR11023Parallel Programming Languages and SystemsCS 156
INFR11033Automatic Speech RecognitionCS 157
INFR11067Computer Animation & VisualisationElective
INFR11157Natural Language Understanding, Generation, and Machine TranslationElective
PHYS08026Computer SimulationElective
Credits transfer as 4 Edinburgh : 1 HMC.
INFR10052Algorithm and Data Structures___
The following Edinburgh courses are not transferable for CS credit:

University of Limerick (Ireland)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for:
CS4014Software Development ProjectCS 121
Credits transfer as 2 Limerick : 1 HMC.

University of Melbourne (Australia)

COMP30023Computer SystemsElective (cannot also count E 85 or CS 125)
COMP30024Artificial IntelligenceCS 151
COMP30027Machine LearningCS 158
INFO30004Usability EngineeringCS 124
SWEN30006Software Modelling & DesignCS 121
Credits transfer as 1 Melbourne course : 3.75 HMC credits.
COMP30020Declarative Programming___
The following Melbourne courses are not transferable for CS credit:

University of Otago (New Zealand)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for:
COSC341Theory of ComputingElective
Credits transfer as 4 Otago: 1 HMC.

University of Oxford

NumberTitleSubstitutes for:
Artificial IntelligenceCS 151
Computer NetworksCS 125
Lambda Calculus and TypesCS 131

University of Queensland (Australia)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for:
CSSE3002The Software ProcessCS 121
COMP4702Machine LearningCS 158
Credits transfer as 1 Queensland : 1.875 HMC.

University of Saint Andrews (Scotland)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for:
CS2002Computer SystemsCS 105
CS3051Software EngineeringCS 121
CS3104Operating SystemsCS 134
CS3105Artificial IntelligenceCS 151
CS3106Human Computer InteractionCS 124
CS4102Computer GraphicsCS 155
CS4402Constraint ProgrammingElective
CS5104Machine LearningCS 158
CS5042User-Centered Interaction DesignCS 124
CS5052Data-Intensive SystemsElective
Credits transfer as 4 St. Andrews : 1 HMC.
CS3099Major Software Team Project___
The following St. Andrews courses are not transferable for CS credit:

University of Southampton (England)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for:
COMP2210Theory of ComputingElective

University of Westminster (England)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for:
5MMCS002WUsability TestingCS 124
5COSC004WClient Server ArchitectureCS 125

University of Wollongong (Australia)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for:
CSCI334Software DesignCS 121
Credits transfer as 1 Wollongong : 1.6 HMC.

University Technology Sydney (Australia)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for:
41113Software Development Studio 1CS 121
Credits transfer as 1.6 UTS: 1 HMC.

Yonsei University (South Korea)

NumberTitleSubstitutes for:
CSI3103Programming Language StructuresCS 131
CSI3107Systems ProgrammingCS 134
CSI4104Compiler DesignCS 132
CSI4106Computer NetworksCS 125
CSI4107Human and Computer InterfacesCS 124
EEE3535Operating SystemsCS 134