Mid-Fall Updates

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Happy Mid-Semester Check-In

We hope that you all had a restful Fall Break! As we go into the second half of the semester, we’ll find ourselves busy with more midterms, schoolwork, switching to a new half-semester course, grad school applications, job/internship applications, and then finals. Remember to seek out help from our grutors if you’re in need of some homework help and to schedule some social time with your friends!

CRA Undergraduate Research Award

Congratulations to our nominees, Eli Pregerson and William Yik! The CS Department is happy to submit these two for consideration for the Computer Research Association’s Undergraduate Research Award, which “recognizes undergraduate students in North American colleges and universities who show outstanding potential in an area of computing research.”

One of Eli’s notable research projects is on asymptotic path complexity (APC) for recursive functions, which is an important metric for measuring the complexity of a program and can help programmers write code that is easier to understand and test. Eli has been working on this project with Prof. Bang since 2021 and has presented their research at the 2023 FormaliSE / IEEE / ACM 45th International Conference on Software Engineering in Melbourne, Australia.

William has done research projects such as hypothesis testing for fair AI, neural climate model emulation, and deep learning for physical oceanography in the hopes of accelerating climate change research with machine learning. William has given talks for “Explainable Machine Learning for Inferring Subsurface Ocean Dynamics” at the NOAA Science and Education Symposium, and “Identifying Bias in Data Using Two-Distribution Hypothesis Tests” at the AAAI/ACM Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, and Society.

Student Resources

CS Email Lists

Don’t forget to check out some of our student resources. In particular, we’ve changed the CS External Opportunities into “CS Email Lists.”

The CS Opps list is where we send our jobs, internships, graduate school, and research opportunities that get sent to us.

There is also the CS Friends mailing list, which we hope to use for these kinds of announcements. Please spread the word to your friends who go, “Wait, I didn’t receive an email!” The CS Friends list is for those who intend to major in CS, so they might not be declared yet. But it’s also for anyone who is a CS’er and wants to know what’s going on with HMC.

Surprise? Wally the Wart Keychains

There’s a hidden Kevin Herrera reading a book on the CS Department’s website! Navigate our website by clicking on the yellow drop-down menu called “Computer Science Menu.” Anything in the top navigation bar with “Admission and Financial Aid,” “Admissions,” etc. are NOT us. 

If you don’t know Kevin, check out our Faculty and Staff page.

To enter the raffle, please submit a screenshot of this “hidden” Kevin reading a book through this form. The form will close tonight at 8:00 PM.