Google Apps – Adding new features

Service Description

Google’s G Suite includes access to additional apps that can be turned on to obtain additional functionality. Some are free and some involve payment. Some can be turned on by individual users and some have to be turned on at an administrator level.

Google Apps Marketplace provides access to apps that add extra functionality to existing Google Apps such as Docs, Drive, or Gmail. These can allow you to sort a Google Sheet by cell color, or add mathematics equations and graphs to a Google Doc, for example.

There are also some apps that must be activated by an administrator for the whole campus. Some examples of apps that CIS has activated using this method are Google Plus and Kissflow. CIS’s process for apps that require administrator activation is as follows:

  • We receive an activation request.
  • We test the app in production (usually testing involves at least CIS, but may include others)
  • We tell people we are going to turn on a new app.
  • We turn the app on.
  • We wait for concerns to be raised, if any.

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Available to Faculty, Students, Staff, Alumni, and Emeriti at HMC.

How to Access the Service

Please contact the Help Desk at or 909.607.7777.

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