Service Description

CIS provides faculty, students, and staff with Harvey Mudd College email accounts. Faculty, students, and staff are all given Google Workplace accounts for access to their entire Google Apps Suite. For the purpose of email, faculty and students will solely use Google Workplace. Staff are given Microsoft 365 accounts that work in conjunction with Outlook or the Outlook Web App (OWA) for their email use. Alumni retain their G Suite accounts indefinitely after graduation.

To aid with spam filtering, HMC uses Cisco IronPort in front of a user’s Google Workplace and Microsoft 365 account.

Due to HMC’s mixed service environment, a user is reachable by multiple email addresses.

Faculty and Students (GAE)

Staff (GAE) (Microsoft 365)

CIS highly recommends giving out your email address. However, you still may choose to use your service specific addresses. The only difference is how mail is routed to its final destination. The HMC Email Flow diagram explains how mail flow works at HMC when sending to these different addresses.


Available to faculty, students, staff, alumni, and emeritus at HMC.

How to Access the Service

For G Suite users, please log into your HMC Gmail Account with your HMC Credentials.

For Microsoft 365 Users, please visit the Microsoft 365 login to access the Outlook Web App (OWA) or configure Outlook for Microsoft 365 on your system.

Please contact the Help Desk at or 909.607.7777 to request support for these services.

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