Academic and Scientific Software Support

Service Description

CIS maintains campus-wide license agreements for popular academic software packages including MATLAB, Mathematica, Wolfram Alpha Pro, Maple and more. Installation and licensing information can be obtained by contacting the HMC Helpdesk. Users can install the software on their system or visit either of the CIS maintained computer labs in the LAC or Sprague first floor to use the software.

If you are taking a course at another campus and the professor is using software that HMC doesn’t license, the IT support group at that campus can help you obtain the software. Our HelpDesk can facilitate that request on your behalf if needed.

Additionally, the Academic & Research Computing Services (ARCS) group provides technical and advisory support for the following scientific software:

  • Mathematical Software: MATLAB, Mathematica, Maple, ODE Architect
  • Statistical Software: R
  • Scientific and Engineering Software: COMSOL, Materials Studio, Gaussian
  • High Performance Computing Software/Library: MPI, OpenMP, GPGPU

We can also research new specialized (scientific) software on demand, and provide recommendations or “best effort” support on the selection and the use of new specialized software. We regularly provide seminars and workshops on some of the specialized scientific software.


Available to faculty, students, and staff at HMC.

How to Access the Service

Academic software packages are installed on all systems in CIS maintained computer labs. Our license also allows for installation on personal systems for HMC related use. Please visit our FAQ (Google Doc) for detailed installation and activation instructions for Maple, Mathematica, and Matlab. Please note that you can access Mathematica online and Matlab online.

Please contact the CIS Help Desk at (909) 607-7777, send an email to, or chat with us online at if you need any further assistance with accessing any software.

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