HMC Scientific Computing Workshop

HMC Scientific Computing Workshop Schedule (Spring 2015)

The workshops will be held in Aviation Room in Hoch-Shanahan Dining Commons.

April 30: Essential MATLAB for Beginners — Learn the basics of MATLAB programming and plotting through hands-on examples of simple script m-file and function m-file:

  • Basics of MATLAB Desktop — get to know about the MATLAB computing environment.
  • Scripts and Functions — learn the basics of MATLAB scripts and functions and their differences.
  • Data Import/Export — learn how to import external data and export MATLAB data for other applications.
  • Basic Plots — draw basic 2d plots and learn the simple manipulation techniques.
  • MATLAB Editor — know how to use the MATLAB editor for programming, debugging and publishing your MATLAB codes.

May 7: R for Statistical Computing — Know R for statistical data analysis and graphs:

  • How to make use of RStudio IDE.
  • How to work with Data (1): data types and objects.
  • How to create plots: simple plotting methods.
  • How to work with Data (2): Student’s t tests (two-sample and one-sample) and normality test.

May 21: Advanced MATLAB (for summer math/research students) — Learn more about MATLAB’s advanced programming skills: data structures, advanced use of functions, and GUI:

  • Advanced data structures: cells, structures, data types, and memory usage.
  • Data import/export: tips and tricks to handle data import and export.
  • Advanced use of functions: subfunctions, nested functions, anonymous functions, and function handles.
  • GUI using GUIDE: A quick introduction to MATLAB GUI Development Environment.

All these workshops are digital badge-earning opportunities. All participants who finish their required work in and out of the workshop will be awarded a digital badge through CIS Digital Badge Pilot program. See the Digital Badge page for more information.

Please sign up to reserve your seat.

For any questions, please contact Jeho Park at