Convercent allows faculty and staff to anonymously, if desired, submit questions and complaints about accounting/audit related concerns, fraud, embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, that they might otherwise feel uneasy about reporting directly to a supervisor. The system is easy to use: you may submit a report via the Convercent website and type “Harvey Mudd College” under the find your organization box or by calling 1.800.461.9330 (toll free). Telephone calls are answered by live call center agents available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We encourage you to use this system if you have financial-related concerns and do not feel comfortable using current procedures. Convercent reports are instantly forwarded to individuals, designated by the college, for review and response. If the report involves a person who is one of the individuals designated by the college, the system will block submission of that report to that individual. The other individuals will receive and respond to that report.

After you submit a report, you will be provided a confidential access number and be asked to generate a password. These will enable you to re-enter the site to check the status of the report, send and receive messages about your report and, if desired, participate in any follow-up. It is very important that you document the access number and password, so that you may follow up on your report. To check report status, you may either telephone Convercent or log onto the Convercent website. Once the unique access code and password are provided, you may continue the anonymous dialogue with the college through the message board.

If you have other workplace concerns that are not financially related, please use current college procedures by discussing your concerns with your supervisor, Human Resources, or an officer of the College.