Purchase Card Program

Several years ago, Harvey Mudd College introduced a purchase card program. These purchase cards look and operate like credit cards, but—as part of the College’s internal control system—exclude certain merchant categories.

In order to provide employees with more choices, several changes were made to the purchase card program in 2004. The single transaction limit was increased from $1,000 to $3,500, with a monthly limit of $5,000 (higher limits are available with management approval). Additionally, the number of merchant classifications was increased to include items such as airlines, lodging, rental cars and restaurants. There are two user templates (general and traveler); the supervisor selects one based on the employee’s needs.

If you are interested in receiving a purchase card, please review the Purchase Card Policy and Procedure (PDF). An Employment Agreement will need to be completed and approved by your supervisor. Please submit the approved Employee Agreement to Brandon Ice, Kingston Hall 234. New cardholders will be required to participate in a brief program orientation with Brandon Ice prior to card activation.