The charges for the 2013-2014 academic year are as follows (assuming the maximum board plan):

Annual Semester
Tuition $46,234.00 $23,117.00
Student Body Fee $275.00 $137.50
Room $8,128.00 $4,064.00
Board (16 meal plan) $7,023.00 $3,511.50
Total $61,660.00 $30,830.00

Personal and book expenses (approximately $2,200.00) are paid directly by the student and will not be billed through the HMC student account billing system.

Fees and Refunds

All charges (tuition, room, board, fees and deposits) must be paid in cash ($U.S.), by checks drawn on American or Canadian banks, or money order (international, if appropriate).

Payment Plan Fee

The Monthly Payment Plan is subject to a $50.00 service charge per semester. There is no fee for the Full Payment Plan.

Following are fees and deposits for which arrangement for payment must be made prior to the service.

Transcript Fee

A fee of $2.00 is charged for each official transcript. There is no charge for an unofficial transcript. Transcripts are issued only when obligations to the college have been paid in full or satisfactory arrangements have been made to do so. A transcript is sent out only at a student’s request.

Housing Deposit

Half ($150) of first-year students’ enrollment deposit ($300) is automatically converted to a housing damage deposit that is returned to students when they graduate or permanently leave the College. Each year, residence hall damage charges are deducted from the deposit and students are billed to return the deposit to $150. The other half of the enrollment deposit ($150) becomes a housing deposit that becomes a credit on a student’s first bill. The enrollment deposit is non-refundable, and therefore the damage and housing deposits are non-refundable for new students who decide not to attend HMC.

Room Draw Deposit/Returning Students

Every returning student who wishes to participate in room draw is required to pay a $75.00 room draw deposit by February 7, 2014 for the 2014-15 academic year. The $75.00 room draw deposit will be credited to the student’s fall housing charge.

Delinquent Accounts

Every HMC student is responsible for meeting promptly any payment due the college. The total charges on a student account for each semester, less financial aid, is the minimum amount due prior to the beginning of each semester per the due date on the Harvey Mudd College statement. A student account not meeting this requirement is considered delinquent.

A student whose account is delinquent is subject to a late fee charge of one percent of the delinquent amount. Students may be barred from classes and the dining hall or disenrolled. A student must pay in full the charges for any semester before he/she is allowed to register for the subsequent semester. Any student leaving HMC with an unpaid financial obligation cannot be given a transcript of grades until settlement is made.