Our Staff: Key Duties and Responsibilities

BAO organizational chart

Andrew Dorantes (Leads Business Affairs Office)

Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and Treasurer
Business Affairs Office

For scheduling meetings with VP, COO & Treasurer, contact Ronald Herrador at 909.607.2889 or rherrador@hmc.edu

Ronald Herrador

Business Affairs Coordinator
Business Affairs Office

  • Greet visitors to the Business Affairs Office, answer VP, COO & Treasurer’s calls, and coordinate internal and external meetings/appointments for the VP, COO & Treasurer
  • Coordinate College purchase card program
  • Provide administrative support for BAO initiatives such as updates to the BAO website, organizational chart, and BAO duties, ordering supplies for OFA, and other BAO duties as directed by VP/COO & Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer and Financial Analyst

Dining Services

Miguel Ruvalcaba (Leads Dining Services)

Senior Director for Dining Services
Dining Services

  • Direct all food-related services for the College, including dining services, the Café, catering and Jay’s Place
  • Provide training for all employees in food and physical safety, customer service and recipe development
  • Work closely with campus administrators to provide the highest quality service and food for students, faculty and staff
  • Work with the Student Food Committee on implementing new menu ideas and arrange student events in the dining hall
  • Provide a sustainable environment for all guests in controlling waste and energy usage

Ramona Campoy

Assistant Manager, Catering/Dining Services
Dining Services

  • Manage catering operations and work with clients to determine the needs of their event
  • Oversee catering events from start to finish, including contracts, set-up, menus and cleaning
  • Administer and maintain schedules for dining services staff
  • Provide oversight to the dining hall during meal times
  • Ensure that facilities meet all safety standards set forth by regulatory agencies

Nancy Culbertson

Assistant Manager for Dining Services
Dining Services

  • Assist the general manager with ensuring that dining room operations are running smoothly
  • Work with the executive chef to ensure that the menus and food dishes are prepared at a high level
  • Update the dining services’ menus available on-line and on the digital signage located in Hoch-Shanahan
  • Assist the general manager with the research and development of new equipment and needed upgrades within the dining facilities

Office of Facilities and Maintenance

The following is a description of key individuals and their responsibilities.  If it is unclear who to go to for your specific need, direct your inquiry to Theresa Lauer and Theresa will direct you to the appropriate person for assistance.

Theresa Lauer (Co-leads Office of Facilities and Maintenance)

Senior Director of Facilities, Emergency Preparedness and Safety
Office of Facilities and Maintenance

  • Oversee all of Facilities operations (e.g. administration, custodial, grounds, and improvement/renovation projects, and mail room)
  • In the absence of the Senior Director for Plant Operations (SDPO), oversee scheduling and supervise all repairs and replacement of HVAC, electrical and plumbing fixtures, valves, devices, and appliances as required
  • Lead College’s Safety efforts partnering with Faculty Safety Committee and President’s Cabinet
  • Lead Emergency Preparedness activities, including partnering with Emergency Management Team with various HMC constituents across campus and the President’s Cabinet

Daniel Madrigal (Co-leads Office of Facilities and Maintenance)

Senior Director of Plant Operations and Projects
Office of Facilities and Maintenance

  • Manage plant operations (e.g. maintenance and repairs, building systems and Central Plant), including overseeing scheduling and supervision of work orders pertaining to repairs and replacement of HVAC, electrical and plumbing fixtures, valves and devices
  • Serve as lead in managing the College’s Renewal and Replacement Reserve (RRR) program
  • Serve as BAO’s lead on sustainability initiatives and chair the HMC Sustainability Committee comprised of faculty, students and staff members
  • Manage HMC’s utilities, including collaborating with The Claremont Colleges Services Central Facilities Services team, who manages the electrical grid and other systems for The Claremont Colleges

Elissa Avelar

Administrative Coordinator
Office of Facilities and Maintenance

  • Oversees all aspects of key and card access management
  • Manages Facilities and Maintenance visitor check-in ID badge process
  • Coordinates summer student housing and dorm damage billing
  • Provides support for emergency preparedness and safety, event management, website administration, and department reports/data management
  • Facilities and Maintenance Liaison to ASHMC
  • Assist Facilities Management with oversight of the web content for the Facilities and Maintenance, Emergency Preparedness and Safety website

Mike Barber

Grounds Manager
Office of Facilities and Maintenance

  • Manage and oversee the maintenance and upkeep of the grounds on-campus, including lawns, trees, plants, parking lots, walkways and water features
  • Maintain the College’s fleet of vehicles, including golf-carts and maintenance vehicles
  • Generate and install various exterior signage on campus
  • Maintain the College’s centrally-controlled irrigation system
  • Manage trash, recycle, composting bins and compactors on-campus

Ron Bejar

Facilities Use Coordinator
Office of Facilities and Maintenance

  • Manage room reservations for on-campus meetings and events
  • Shared responsibility for various administrative functions including greeting visitors and responding to inquiries
  • Coordinate facilities use and details with internal and external constituents to ensure that their meeting requests are satisfied
  • Assist with parking issues on campus and respond to parking-related questions
  • Manage the College’s annual summer conferences

Nita Kansara

Facilities Operations Supervisor
Office of Facilities and Maintenance

  • Oversee day-to-day general operational and administrative duties of facilities operations
  • Oversee and process department invoices
  • Supervise student staff
  • Prepare monthly billing of HMC motor pool use

Joseph Gonzalez

Manager of Special Projects, Alterations and Renovations
Office of Facilities and Maintenance

  • Will lead and provide oversight for special projects that include construction, alterations and renovations across campus generally under $1 million.
  • Works under the guidance and supervision of the Senior Director of Plant Operations and collaborates with key Facilities team members to ensure that project and program goals are met within the prescribed time frames and budgets.
  • Involved in selecting professional design staff; coordinating the activities of clients, contractors, inspectors, movers, vendors and others associated with the project; monitoring and verifying project progress, cost and quality; resolving problems that arise during the project; working with city, state and federal agencies and officials to ensure compliance and safety; and communicating with project stakeholders regarding program, budget, schedule and construction impact

Veronica Lagos

Assistant Manager of Plant Operations
Office of Facilities & Maintenance

  • Assist Facilities Directors with managing day-to-day plant operations
  • Manage and prioritize work orders, including emergency dispatch
  • Provide on-call response to facilities-related emergencies such as HVAC issues, leaks, etc.
  • Assist Facilities Directors in management of facilities operating and non-operating budgets
  • Develop, manage and maintain the Liability Certificate of insurance (COI) process documentation
  • Create and process vendor contract documents and maintain checklist for vendor contracts

Travis Paddock

Manager of Custodial Services
Office of Facilities and Maintenance

  • Lead all custodial services in support of the Harvey Mudd College communities
  • Manage the College’s mailroom operations in working with outside postal agencies
  • Ensure incoming and outgoing U.S. and campus mail is processed timely and accurately, including sorting and distribution
  • Assign and manage student mailboxes
  • Oversee trash, recycle and compost program for all interior spaces
  • Manage college furniture assets

Kelly Salazar

Emergency Preparedness and Safety Supervisor
Office of Facilities and Maintenance

  • Coordinate, oversee, and manage Cal/OSHA employee safety and emergency preparedness training
  • Partner with the Senior Director for Facilities, Emergency Preparedness and Safety to oversee and manage all aspects of emergency preparedness and response training and exercises
  • Respond to student, employee and authorized visitor questions regarding HMC COVID-19 Safety requirements while on the HMC campus
  • Maintain inventory and coordination of testing and service for first aid kits, safety eye and shower wash stations, fire extinguishers, and emergency phones on the HMC campus

Office of Financial Affairs

Danette Sanchez (Co-leads Office of Financial Affairs)

Senior Director of Finance and Budget
Office of Financial Affairs

  • Reviews and presents various budget reports
  • Gather information to ensure that the annual budget forecast is complete and accurate
  • Assist various departments and constituents with questions and requests for information, including inquiries related to Workday
  • Oversees the College audit, year-end close and grant administration

Allan Schmidt (Co-leads Office of Financial Affairs)

Assistant Treasurer and Financial Analyst
Office of Financial Affairs

  • Partners with VP-COO to prepare board materials relating to compensation, finance and investments
  • Partners with Senior Director of Plant Operations and Projects to manage capital project budgets
  • Serves as Liaison to Office of College Advancement (OCA) regarding gift/endowment/planned giving agreement management
  • Assists the VP-COO with the preparation of various reports and analyses

Rodrigo Flores

Senior Accountant and Analyst
Office of Financial Affairs

  • Work with academic departments for clinic administration, sponsored research programs and the pre and post award of grants and contracts
  • Support accounting and reconciliations, including for large capital projects
  • Assist various departments and constituents with Workday-Financial questions and requests for information
  • Coordinate the A-133 research and development audit

Richie Fong

Financial System Accountant
Office of Financial Affairs

  • Respond to inquiries regarding Workday-Financial policies, procedures, guidelines and reporting
  • Create and deliver Workday-Financial end-user training materials and programs
  • Assist various departments and constituents with Workday-Financial questions and requests for information

Office of Human Resources

Joanna Hernandez (Leads Human Resources)

Senior Director of Human Resources
Office of Human Resources

  • Provide human resource consultation and support to management, faculty and staff at the College
  • Lead and direct the daily operations of Human Resource services for recruitment and retention, compensation and benefits, performance management, employee relations, HRIS/Payroll, policy administration, and professional and organizational development that support the College’s strategic goals
  • Serve as the College’s Affirmative Action Officer and monitor the College’s Affirmative Action Plans
  • Lead human resource initiatives and human resource services for the College
  • Serve as point-of-contact for compensation reporting, analysis and administration, including job descriptions and market research
  • Provide consultation and advice to management, staff and faculty regarding human resources policies and procedures and serves as the primary contact for all employee relations
  • Serves as point of contact for workers’ compensation matters

José Barajas

HR Analyst and Administrator
Office of Human Resources

  • Provide a broad range of support related to compensation and benefits, performance management, employee relations, HRIS, payroll, policy administration, training and development and special projects
  • Collect and interpret data for HR and compensation surveys and partner with members of HR and the Office of Financial Affairs to perform data analysis
  • Coordinate the design, configuration, implementation, communication, maintenance and administration in support of HR strategy
  • Administer COVID related initiatives related to policies, communication and tracking of vaccines and testing
  • Support Staff Pilot Remote Work program monthly attestation and tracking

Anu Jindal

HR Payroll Specialist
Office of Human Resources

  • Support the Dependent Scholarship Program administration, coordination, and communication
  • Provide HR business support and analysis for annual business reporting
  • Support hiring processes for student employees and summer research hires
  • Provide administrative support to the Office of Human Resources with employment, such as posting jobs, coordinating job advertisements, candidate interviews, offer letters, and orientation/onboarding
  • Oversee all HR records management and provide other administrative support for HR
  • Provide assistance in processing verification of employment requests for faculty, staff and student employees

Haley Phillips

Recruiter & HR Generalist
Office of Human Resources

  • Partner with hiring managers to provide guidance and support through recruitment and onboarding of new staff
  • Manage the full-cycle recruitment process for staff
  • Coordinate, administer, and support HR recruiting and retention programs and initiatives
  • Facilitate employment through proactive recruitment which includes posting and advertising jobs, conducting interviews, onboarding, and processing new hires within Workday
  • Support student employment hiring needs

Patrice Siffert

Associate Director for Human Resources
Office of Human Resources

  • Oversee recruitment, onboarding, and retention for staff
  • Collaborate with hiring managers to provide guidance on recruitment, job postings for exempt and non-exempt positions, facilitate onboarding for faculty and staff and process related employment changes for all existing faculty and staff
  • Oversee administration of HR compliance training
  • Serve as the liaison with The Claremont Colleges Services (TCCS) regarding benefit administration, questions and issue resolution for faculty and staff
  • Administer the College year-end HR service award program and College Dependent Scholarship program, as well as other HR services for the College

Student Accounts & Risk Management

Adele Vuong

Senior Administrator for Business Affairs and Risk Management
Business Affairs Office

  • Coordinate Business Affairs Office communication with various constituencies, including Board materials and Business Office Leadership Team notes
  • Partner with various constituencies to continuously assess College’s risks; Manage risk assessment tool
  • Liaise with The Claremont Colleges Services Risk Management office and insurance carriers
  • Review contracts
  • Conduct compliance research and communicate policies to College community
  • Provide backup assistance for College-issued purchase cards
  • Oversee Student Accounts

Heather Marasco

Student Accounts Assistant
Office of Financial Affairs

  • Assist the Office of Student Accounts with preparing monthly student billing statements, entering student account data, and processing outside scholarships
  • Assist with administrative functions for the business affairs office, including preparing W-9 forms, invoices, and data entry
  • Support the BAO staff with preparing purchase card statements and receipts for review and making travel arrangements
  • Assist with accumulation, analysis, and data entry of business affairs processes and reports
  • Assist with processing Study Abroad payments and reimbursements

Patricia Wang

Student Accounts Manager
Office of Student Accounts

  • Bill and collect tuition, fees, and other charges related to students’ financial accounts
  • Process student charges, payments, credits, and refunds
  • Prepare monthly statements and manage payment plans, late fees, outside scholarships, and collections
  • Post financial aid funds in accordance with applicable federal, state, and institutional regulations
  • Respond to student and parent inquiries regarding student accounts
  • Assist with processing Study Abroad payments and reimbursements